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Advertising With Health & Fitness Magazine

We target those seeking information about health, sports, and fitness
products and service...

WE OFFER distinctive features to help you and your business choose
our media for advertising. Business is competitive. Health & Fitness Magazine can help set your business apart from your competition because it’s aimed at the active, healthy lifestyle reader.

We combine health, sports, and fitness articles with free distribution
to target these specific markets giving you the unique opportunity to get your business noticed by the right audience.

Free distribution with constant monitoring
Health & Fitness Magazine is distributed to over 500 select sites for the entire month. Each site is monitored and refilled to maximize your ad exposure.

Reach the entire regional market
Distribution is free to over 500 key locations throughout the Greater Sacramento Valley Region. We include advertising that is relevant to all
ages. We provide readers with invaluable resources.

Editorials by experts
We feature editorials from renowned, local experts, community leaders, and professional personnel about the latest sports, health & fitness topics. Recent subjects include nutrition, personal fitness, martial-arts, aging, mind/body & spiritual health.

Our readers are:
Female 52%
Male 48%
Single 44%
Married 56%
Median age 35
College educated 80%
Annual income $41–$120K 73%

Distribution Locations:
Grocery stores • Sporting goods stores • Coffee shops/cafes • Health clubs • Health food stores • Golf courses/shops • Bike shops • Bookstores • Medical offices • Special events • and more!

Our readers maintain active, healthy lifestyles:
Belong to a health club 48%
Participate in sports and/or belong 95% to a sports league or organized club
Use nutritional supplements, vitamins, 87% energy bars/drinks, holistic remedies, herbal supplements

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